Opto-electronic transceiver engines

PhotonX networks is working on the commercialization of innovative packaging concepts developed in the Eindhoven University of Technology to deliver lower cost and high performing Data Comm transceivers. The wafer scale solution developed by the researchers in the university allow for the fabrication of parallel optical interconnect engines based on surface normal light emitters and detectors with superior performance and greatly reduced costs.

Data center Ethernet switches

As the amount of intra-data center traffic increases year on year, it becomes necessary to engineer new data center Ethernet switches that offer more efficient operation in terms of power per gigabit. PhotonX Networks is working closely with researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology to create new data center switches with a smaller footprint by using clever packaging solutions for the optical interconnects. This will reduce the power consumption and increase the front port density by replacing the traditional front pluggable optical transceivers with all-optical interfaces.